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Happy Valentines Day Trail Ride

February 15 - February 17

(The Event is Actively Being Planned At https://forum.ih8mud.com/threads/happy-valentines-day-trail-ride.1111350/)

So, it is official. I have spoken to the powers that be and we are officially approved for the Vanlentines Day Trail Ride, Shenandoah Valley, Virginia.

The way this usually works is, we all get to the meeting place when we can and when our schedules allow. Check in to the hotel, relax from the drive down and get ready for dinner.
We will figure out dinner plans there.
After that you are on your own until the morning.

We like to be ready to go between 8-9am, so do what you have to do to be ready.

We also like to have a huge group breakfast in the morning…..

This will all be discussed Friday night.

I am going to get a map from the guys that live down there and get a trail setup for us Cruiser guys. We will have our own trail ride and try to meet the other group(s) for lunch.

These trails can be very easy or very hard depending on weather. This is a trail ride that with just the right tire, you can do everything with ease.
Stock Cherokees, Wranglers, 4Runners, Grand Cherokees… Have no problems at all. I have yet to see a vehicle in our club that would have any problem at all.

The day can be a bit long depending on conditions, but we are generally out by 5pm.

After this,it is back to “camp” and we all get cleaned up and get the day off of us, and then usually go out to one of the Hosts houses for a big get together.

From there it is back to the hotel and we are on our own. Most people like to take a scenic ride home and enjoy the country, some hit it hard and get home as fast as possible.
I tend to go slow and take Rte11 as far as I can before I have to get on 81 then 66 and head home.

The “Camp” for this trip will be The Village Inn.
The Village Inn

RESERVATIONS: (540) 434-7355

Call and make reservations or go online. They will take a credit card but not charge until you check in, so you can pay however you would like. ( I find this very accommodating)


February 15
February 17